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Shame - Animation short film

Winner of the 2nd place at MICRO Festival, Madrid, 2020.

Shame is an animated documentary about abuse in Spanish catholic schools from the 60s, based on my father’s experience.

What I did to make this film, was talking about this subject with my father while recording everything he said. I decided to use hand drawn with pencil animation technique because the facts unfold in a school, and the naive style of the main character creates an important contrast between the toughness of the treated subject and the innocence of a child. My intention was to use as little digital resources as posible so it looks more real and handmade, so I tried to add the objects at the same time as I filmed the drawings at the rostroom when possible.

This is a very personal story, that I hope makes people think about the Church’s role in these kinds of situations and in our society in general; and, hopefully, give some strength to the victims that feel ready to speak.